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odissssseu Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2018
impressive gallery! beautiful... awesome.
lapis-lazuri Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much!
Khafre4400 Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2018
Amazing gallery! Are you Theistic satanist, luciferian or LaVeyan?
lapis-lazuri Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks. I'm a Spiritual Satanist / Theistic Luciferian.
Khafre4400 Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2018
I would like to learn more about luciferism, but I do not seem to find reliable sources. Most stuff is based in conclutions made by people during the last 10 years or so. I think that's more of a piroff than real luciferism.
I neither find LaVey's bible to be reliable. That guy was a sketchy character and his "church" is more of a business and a mockery of Christianism rather than something satanic/luciferian.

If you have any idea of a website where I can learn more of the ANCIENT and true origin of lucifer, I will be most thankful.
lapis-lazuri Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Mmmm.... I could argue here.... why would something be not "real" just because it's a new idea? I myself tend to build my beliefs on my own, in time, and from a certain point of view you could say they are brand new and never existed before me.... but that doesn't make it any less real because they are directly inspired by the most reliable source possible.
Speaking of which, I don't find any human source to be entirely reliable. What is currently available is for the most part xnity-derived nonsense and lies, and what is left of the ancient lore is corrupted and profaned beyond recognition to denigrate the Demons and turn humanity against them. Therefore, the only source I truly trust, are the Demons themselves. Thing is, it has been only since recently that communication with them has been restored on a larger scale and therefore some of the most truthful sources are, indeed, very new. So don't judge your sources by their age alone. Some of the biggest lies about Lucifer are also quite old.

About LaVey.... he is just a philosopher with innovative, for his time, ideas, and nothing more. His philosophy however, is essentially atheistic and intended to be anti-spiritual at all, and that already indicates he completely disregarded some of the most essential texts left from the ancient times and went clear against the true teachings of Lucifer to begin with. And yes, he has used certain older texts when building his philosophy, but he seems to have chosen his sources by how "classic" they are, not by how truthful, which he couldn't really know since he never really spoke to Demons himself. I wouldn't call his ideas exactly mockery to xnity.... more like they are designed to be a rejection of xnity, rather than mockery. For that, and for popularizing the concept of Satanism, I do respect him and his work, but well, to be honest, his book, whereas it contains good principles and some very good ideas, is quite full of nonsense. After all, it's largely based on xnity, albeit reverse.

If you're interested in the ancient origin of Lucifer.... the best I can recommend is - they work with the Demons since years already and they have been trying restore lost knowledge, as well as recollect, filter and de-corrupt ancient spiritual lore, including about the Demons themselves. I believe they have more extensive resources about ancient origins either in the site or linked in the respective articles. So I trust you'll find interesting reads there.
On the other hand, if you happen to be interested in Lucifer Himself, you can read there, but feel free to also ask me anything of interest and I'll answer as best as I can. I dare to say I'm.... a fairly reliable source.

But please, be respectful and write at least His name with a capital letter. I very much appreciate your interest, but you must know it is utterly disrespectful to not capitalize Lucifer's name, especially while doing so for His most despicable enemy.
Khafre4400 Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2018
I think I wasn't clear why I do not trust the new sources. It is not because it's new, but because most of them either ask you for money or put someone else over you (priest/priestess). Having in mind that Luciferanism is a left-hand religion and that it looks for enlightenment and empowerment of oneself, I find it very contradictory for Luciferanism to have "chosen ones" to play ambassadors. That's actually more of a christian, jewish or islamic thing.

Still, I find "Joy of Satan" to be the most interesting source of them all, and the links of Lucifer with ancient gods makes sense, as even the christus Jesus is a ripoff of both the egyptian Horus and/or persian Mithra. But as soon as I read "priestess" in Joy of Satan, I begin to lost my confidence on their info.
I've been investigating LaVey, Joy of Satan, Order Luciferi abd several FB groups regarding the matter; and I find trustworthy none of them. At least "Joy of Satan" provindes good pointers to investigate.
And neutral stuff like wikipedia pick up the bible's Satan that just wants to fuck up everybody because it's fun -_-
It is not an easy task to find out the origins of the true Lucifer.

May be you had a different experience with them. I would like to hear you out because I do not think you are going to fool me and because I trust a fellow DRAGON. I have less spirituality than a rock so it isn't easy for me to believe and have faith.  Yet I do have a strong conviction this entity known as Lucifer IS REAL, unlike the brahamanic god, because I have had a lot of paranormal experience whenever I started to get in touch with things satanic. And paranormal is not a commonly used word in my dictionary.
I'm the kind of guy who goes to a "haunted", abandoned mine in the middle of nowhere at 3 AM, goes inside the darkest tunnel there is, right next to a graveyard... and nothing happens. of course, I haven't tried to summon a demon or Lucifer yet (mainly because I feel these rituals are made up by some guy and I will feel like a moron buying candles, mirors, talking to myself for nothing to happen afterwards).
{The abandoned mine thing is not an example, I actually go to a place that fits the descriptions and stay there all night, sometimes by myself}

I'm not a man of faith; I'm a man of science. So what I'm trying to demonstrate here somehow is that Lucifer is real. I don't know how to do that, I don't even know how to propperly investigate the matter, but I will give it a shot and I will find out the hows as move forward. At least I need some empirical evidence to convice myself fully.
Science hasn't got the answers for everything: I know for a fact telepathy, telekinesis and doppleganger are real phenomena because I've experienced it, but I do not have the meains to prove it for others to see, so I do not even try to talk them over about these matters. :/
Though science has just begun experimenting with telepathy and they are getting good results.
I convinced the brahamic bible is a mix of pagan mythos with names changed and stories made up in order to sell something new to the fearful society of before. The history of chistianism has proven clearly that chruch is the unholies thing of them all, particularly the catholic church.
The lightbringer, on the other hand, may have been distorted through time but it still remains somehow. It is my goal to find out the origin of Lucifer (or trace back its history as further as possible).

DISCLAIMER: 1) I usually write names with the capital letter at the beggining, even if I'm talking about a guy named Pedro. If I fail to do that is because I fail to press the shift button propperly.
2) You might notice I refer to Satan/Lucifer and other entities as "it". That is because I do not believe an ethereal being (or thing) is restricted by gender or other physical limitations. I pick "it" because it's gender neutral and because I'm not even sure if this entities are actually self-aware. Based on a criteria I developed through the years, I think most of the "paranormal" is our own mind working with energies we do not know to manifest something (be it a virgin, a ghost, etc..)

What I find fascinating about Satan/Lucifer is that it doesn't follow the patter my criteria stablished. It feels like it works on it's own, so Lucifer is probably something self-aware.

Is it a god? IDK... time will tell. I will need help to figure it out! Thanks for the support!
lapis-lazuri Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh yes, I fully agree to that. There is indeed an abundance of those, as well as of charlatans selling books that offer quick access to power, money, fortune and what not. But well, the environment has never been as favourable for those to thrive as it is now, with the internet. Unfortunately, those will always appear, whenever they can find a niche.

I have my reservations towards JoS as well, but they played a very important role in my life and it's thanks to them and their teachings that I found my true path, even if it does not exactly coincide with theirs. Still, it's thanks to them I learned to contact the Demons and this took Satanism to another level to me. So I respect them deeply, despite of my little points of discrepancy with them. So I'll say this to defend them. They do stand for people finding the answers on their own, thinking with their own heads, meeting the Demons (i.e. their Gods) personally and advance and take their life in their own hands. I doubt there is anything the Priests can do that they haven't shared the knowledge of how to learn and master with their followers. The Priests are simply those who guide and work the hardest. They stigmatize the philosophies of the "chosen ones" and the whole ambassadory thing. However, I've noticed that no matter how much they advocate all that and put it in many of their writings, many people keep following their word instead of trying to think for themselves and figure stuff out on their own. I mean, I think they just can't help it for the most part. After all, they have been cultivated to be sheep following "chosen" leaders for probably hundreds of generations, so you can't even expect them to immediately snap out of that. What I'm saying is, the people need the guidance and leadership the Priests give them. It's not the Priests who push it over them, it's the people themselves who cling to the Priests because, I figure, they know nothing else. But the Priests are genuinely trying to teach them to quit every form of sheepishness and mind control. You gotta give them that.
About so-called "neutral" stuff.... and wikipedia in particular. Well.... it isn't genuinely neutral. What I mean is, wikipedia, and the sources like it, they reflect the popular opinion, the "society's truth", if you know what I mean, and that is neither neutral nor truthful. So even if they do reflect it neutrally, that doesn't make the information itself in them neutral.
So.... yeah, since society's idea of Satan Lucifer is that his image *belongs* to the xtian bible, so to speak, you can't expect such sources to give you any truth.

That makes two of us. My education is scientific, but that's not even the most important factor - things is, I've been brought up to a scientific pattern of thinking and I've developed an analytical mind long before I chose my studying path. This makes it extremely hard for me to "just believe", no matter how much I want to. So albeit I consider myself highly spiritual, even religiously devoted, my mind constantly doubts and battles itself, and while I tend to be critical to other sources as well, I tend to subject my own experience and feelings to the most brutal kind of question and suspicion. Which.... has given me a lot of grief, honestly.
What you say here, however, is very interesting. This makes you of the rarer kind of man of science, one who would not dismiss these phenomena just because. Science tends to have a rather arrogant attitude towards them, as well as spirituality. But yeah, having experienced things.... changes your mind.
May I ask what science is your field? Mine is biology, but I dare to say I have a fair understanding of physics and astronomy too for example, even if my knowledge there is very limited.

Dragon? Fellow.... Dragon? *tilts head* Does that mean what I think it does?
Oh. I think I begin to understand your standpoint better - as well as your interest. But I do feel compelled to give you a.... warning of a kind. You mention paranormal experiences linked to Satanic things. The symbols and rites of Satanism are very ancient and they hold tremendous power.... so what you say is no surprise to me, it's only logical. However I have reasons to believe not all of them are safe. Even if their origin is Demonic, many of them have been corrupted, likewise knowledge and lore, and I believe they can actually lead to the enemy instead. You say you don't believe in the "brahamanic god" and indeed the thing they sell is nonsense, however.... there is an artificial power behind it and it is as malicious as it gets. I know because I've been.... forced to face it, on multiple occasions. Just.... be careful what you experiment with, not all entities out there are harmless, benevolent or even neutral, even if you strive to be neutral yourself.
Speaking of which, summoning Demons is easy enough.... but in order to be able to communicate with them, it does require certain spiritual senses, as I call them. These can be developed. I am not a ritual person myself, I seldom do rituals, and these days mainly to teach others or for special occasions, sometimes. But I've reached the conclusion that all these props and bizarre contraptions that are being used as means of communication, they are merely.... a "crutch" for a spiritually underdeveloped mind. One does not really need them in order to contact the Demons. I never used mirrors, ouija boards, incence, etc. All I ever had was candles simply because I like the atmosphere they create. I learned without all that other stuff. I assume it might be easier to learn with it, but eventually you learn to do without most of it and shed whatever is unnecessary.
What I'm saying is.... yes, rituals have been invented by humans, probably, in order to enable them to perceive things or learn more easily. I understand why you'd be skeptical about them. They work through your own mind, however. And you may consider yourself non-spiritual, but you did mention you believe telepathy is real. The way we communicate with the Demons IS telepathical. With or without rituals, we contact them through our minds, that's how they speak with us. By the way, spirituality merely teaches us to develop abilities our minds naturally have, but simply have remained dormant or suppressed - telepathy included. And I don't consider spirituality non- or para-scientific. My own approach towards it is very scientific and analytical, I tend to look at spiritual things and practices from biological and physical standpoint, as best as I can. I seldom do things if I don't understand how they work.

I see.... Well, the way I see it, there might be two different paths of His origin that you can trace - one would be through history as it is recorded by humans. The other would be through history as it really happened. What I mean is, unfortunately, history is highly susceptible to manipulation. I can offer my point of view.... which is based on things I've heard from Him.... The key part of it would be that at a certain point in history the judeo-xtian religions were designed and used to, among other things, corrupt Lucifer's image, denigrate Him and turn humanity against Him. The reason for that is that He always taught humanity into freedom, both in life, in mind and spirit, and this is not compatible to the slavering religions and orders that arose.... therefore, He is the "arch-enemy". As a matter of fact, He is, the arch-enemy to slavery. The reason why He always appeared and His image stayed, against all odds.... I cannot tell for sure. Perhaps it's because the memory of everything He gave to humanity has never been entirely erased. Perhaps it is because He never stopped fighting against the slavers and to bring enlightenment and freedom back into this world. It isn't in His nature to surrender or give up.

Okay, I understand and I see you don't mean disrespect, but then I'll ask you this as a personal favour. Could you.... not refer to Lucifer this way? I agree about gender, however, "it" has gained this derisive, slighting tinge in English, at least in my ears.... that might be my personal bias. But even so, most of the Demons, although "gender" as such does not exist in them, they still usually choose to manifest as either gender, be it just in order to be more understandable for us. But I mean.... I'd take it as a personal favour if you.... don't refer to Lucifer this way. Just.... I know him, I am far too fond of him and.... you may or may nor believe this, but regardless, it just.... bothers me deeply. Call it my own bias.

Well.... to me that part is quite obvious. You see, I don't see him as a force.... I see him as a person, first and foremost. Very ancient, extremely powerful, ineffably complex, but.... a person all the same. Everyone who ever interacted with Him personally will tell you that, he has a very strong personality and individuality. That's another reason why I must insist you don't refer to him as "it".

Actually Lucifer never wanted to be seen as a god.... even in the ancient times humanity deified him, but he never wanted it to be so. Even now, the memory of that.... saddens him.
Khafre4400 Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2018
The thing that bothers me the most is that most satanic groups (so far all of I have investigated) are so busy in their battle against christianity that they have forgot to discover what the fuck they believe in, to begin with. They talk about satan and satanism, yet they can't explain what is satan, where does he comes from [did you notice what I did there? ;)], what is the creed of Satan based on. They can't even agree to refer to him as either Satan or Lucifer. I think Lucifer (the light carries, the bringer of light) is the most appropiate if you worship him. "Satanas" is implicitly ratifying the christian version (or Xtian, as you address them. I wonder why "Xtian" anyway).
There is also a group of "Luciferian" who are not Satanic. With this I mean they pick up jewish god Elohim and refer to him as Lucifer, then they pick up Jesus and Yehova and associate them with "Satan", and they also define Yehova as "The Demiurge". They talk about "Yis'rael", about the house of El... bla bla blah... -though they worship dragons, and that's cool ;)- far the biggest religious mess I've ever seen in my life. They basically picked a little bit from here and there of things with no connection whatsoever, and packed them in the same box... and voila! The "new Luciferanism".

Groups like this disgust me because they are very critic towards christianity or catholicism but their cult makes even less sense.
I imagine Lucifer browsing the internet and facepalming whenever he comes across this kind of people... if he has either face or palms... I hope he does just for my amusement XD:

Seeing how difficult it is to follow Lucifer, even if you are willing, I guess he's the kind of god who doesn't give a flying fuck about the worship. That's the kind of god I like ;)

The thing is: the only paranormal phenomena I've experienced (regarding religious matter) has to do with Satanas, so I do not want just to give up and leave it hanging. Sometimes I have second thoughts about if I should approach to Lucifer or if I should block him and keep him away. I have this catholic friend who is an interesting mix betwen very faithful and very tolerant. The guy knows his faith well enough, he practices it with the devotion of a true believer and he fulfills his sacred duty of alerting me of the "deceitful satan".
The guy is not the usual religious douche who tags you as an heretic whenever you wont force a bible down your throat. This guy is the honorable kind of religious, who knows his faith and respects his lord and will put his knowledge at your disposal if you're willing to save yourself from eternal damnation.
Curious thing is that he takes Jesus as he is displayed at the revelations and not as the idealistic all loving god. He points out that Jesus brings the sword to separate his flock from the unfaithful and he is willing to accept the salvation his god offers him.
But he knows of my lack of faith and accepts me as I'm, as I accept the damnation of not following his god if the time comes, and he deeply respects my decision as he considers following christ out of fear of damnation is cowardly and hipocrital, and that you must follow if you have geniune faith in christ. He even doesn't aknowledge fragments of the bible, and he doens't agree with everything Jesus said, but in the end he remains loyal to his god.
If all catholics and christians were that honorable and honest, their faith and their church would be a lot more respectable, dont you agree?

I think, despite all the fuckups of the religions through history, Luciferanism/Satanism has to be founded out of admiration, respect, curiosity for Lucifer and not out of hatred towards the christian and jew faiths. Nothing good comes out of fear, anger, despice...
Yet, sadly, many satanist groups are too busy hating christ that they forgot what Luciferanism is about.

(I make an exception with islam. Everything founded on hatred towards islam is acceptable to me. islam is the true "satan", the oppossing force of all that is good and right, the destroyer of worlds, the damnation... gosh... I hate islam with all my heart and I wish I could directly destroy that abomination. I'm pretty well familiarized with the islamic psyche, so I have good reason to be as islamophobic as it gets -and everyone sane should consider islamoPHOBIA as a vacine to cure stupidity-)

I've been through many fields of scientific knowledge, but I've finally decided Geology is my thing. I simply love mining, minerals, structural geology, astronomy (wich is deeply related to geology). I just hope I can finish my studies as the economical situation is really bad for myself and family at this moment.
I have a particular approach regarding the inmaterial. I think there are certain fields of energy (or whatever you want to call it) that can be distrupted with random cosmical phenomena or can be manipulated through thought, either through deep meditation or severe suggestions. Take for instance the "haunted" places: maybe the "ghosts" of these haunted places are actually made real by the person who interacts with such place under suggestion. I also think the grade of intensity of paranormal events has to do with certain cosmical variables that favours the phenomena or decreases it's potential of occuring.

The thing is, I suspect Lucifer to be something more because of many reason, but mostly because I had weird experiences:
A friend of mine who I did get along pretty well but knew for a very short time (I only knew him for three months) died in a car accident. He was an hardcore fan of Slipknot, so I started listening to the band. Weird stuff started happenning after the first time I listened to "The Heretic Anthem"... I would wake up and listen the whisper at the beggining of "Duality - Slipknot" in a loop for at least five minutes, I would find a lot of signs regarding the famous "number of the beast - 666"... subtle, yet pretty clear signs that listening to "The heretic Anthem" triggered something that made weird shit happen. Electronics would also go weird sometimes...

But the weirdest thing was that once, during my trip to school, I would see some kids that live nerby playing in the front yard. I could not see what or with whom were they playing because there was a stone wall blocking the visuals; that is untill I passed in front of the main gate. A motherf*cking male goat was there, with eyes red as blood, staring at me deeply...
First of all; I live in an urban place so it's highly uncommon to see a 'GOAT' arround. Secondly; after all the signs I got, I could ignore this.
And last but not least, if seeing a goat with red eyes wasn't creepy enough, the kids started calling back the goat to keep playing (the goat literally interrupted the playing just to watch me closely)... and they called the goat "FEDE", short for federico.
If you pick up a phone's numerical keyboard, you will notice the "3" number key has 'd', 'e' and 'f' on it. If you were to write FEDE the old way, you would type down 33, 333, 3, 333... (I know numerology isn't the 'reliablest' source to make conclusions, LOL), but if you remove the last 'E' because it's repeated, you get 33, 333, 3... and form that you make 33 33 33... or, to be plain and simple, 6 6 6...

I don't know if that was Lucifer, but at the time I said "I don't need any other fan stalking me XD" (to be honest, I was very disturbed by all the happenings) and I burned my Slipknot CD-ROM. Don't worrie, it was pirate version. Everything is counterfit in latin america - deal with it. I did not grab a crucifix and a bible because my family is as christian as Lucifer is a christian. If you said "Jesus" back then, I would ask "what's that? Do you eat it?"... but I was pretty well aware of what Satan embodied {the xtian satan who is pure evil and seeks to destroy everything god created for the lulz}.

If that was Lucifer's work, I don't know what his intent was. Probably he just wanted to troll me, maybe he was planning that the event would be memorable enough for me to research satanism 10 years later, maybe it was some sort of 'test' to see how would I behave in such situation...
I hope he wasn't expecting me to, IDK, throw him PARTY!

I buried this event in the back of my mind for a decade, but things led to me uncovering the veil of that memory... and I hope there is a reason for it.
I wish I could interact with him, but I do not know how, so I need guidance. I think you're the most reliable source so far, because you seem to be reasonable, scientific, and a true believer.

It's funny because both my christian friend and you seem to have the same approach to their faith, only each one of you is on the opposite side... and I'm stuck in the middle, not knowing WTF should I do.

One thing is certain: about these times (2007 more or less) I had a dream of two old women (very suspicious looking) gifting me a t-shirt with strange illustations, very ancient looking and primitive, of a row of children bowing to a dragon in a reverent way: as a god. I didn't want to wear it because it was kind of silly, but my mother insisted that I, at least, tried it so I wouldn't offend the old ladies. Next, I would go to my bedroom, put the t-shirt on, and a great black dragon would appear in front of me and dive into my chest, like trying to take hold of me. I woke up during a dream paralisys and I could see the dragon's tail and wings, as his upper part was already inside of me.
That marked a "before and after" moment in my life, because I'm not sure when but I'm extremely obsessed with dragons. Whenever I'm not thinking on something else, I think of dragons.
So, the thing I'm certain is that my role in life must have something to do with dragons and that, maybe, my alliegance lies with the dragons (or maybe I'm just enthralled by their magnificense).

I never performed rituals because I always considered rituals as a human construct made of pure silliness, but I feel like I need answers and I'm very insterested to give a try to anything that could provide them, even if it's silly.

I've always been very atheistic in my approach to -EVERYTHING- and I've always discarded the weird phenomena, even my own experiences, as something produced by my mind. But a couple of days ago I started listening to the band "Ghost" and my computer went batshit crazy. So, after this experience I thought "Why do not give it a try to this spiritual bullshit? Maybe it's not so bullshit after all..."
lapis-lazuri Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
I hope you don't mind I'll transfer this to notes. I'm about to get into more personal stuff and that I don't feel safe to disclose in the open. Besides, it's much more handy for such long writings.
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