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Time for a new journal already? Nah. It's just that few days ago they announced the newly-hatched search through favourites and I wanted to try that out. Works fine, very fine actually. Finally something good from our beloved staff. So here you go, HUUUUGE feature of for you, awesomeness and snow. As usually, I only feature underappreciated artists from my own favourites folder, with art in few categories. Enjoy.
(Some of these works I've featured before, but they're just too awesome (not to mention I'm too lazy to check previous journals). But you don't mind *waves hand in jediish way*)

Cheetahs. Because they are unique and I support them.

Cheetah by KomodoEmpire Cheetah Cub in Acrylic by andreamichael Cheetah by EdgedFeather Cheetah #14 by whitepandamedia The Ambassador by DeniseSoden Exploring by Chikrata Get my Best Side by Chikrata Curved Space? by darkSoul4Life Hello Daaarlin' by narufag Cheetahs nuzzling by Mg-III In Full Flight by Fuz-Caforio-Art Cheetah by Fuz-Caforio-Art Growing path by Bisanti Cheetah Snuggle by Heatherzart Cheetah by Webcomicfan The sunny cat by LatifuLioness Cheetah by WillemSvdMerwe Cheetah Sneer by nigel3 Cheetah Family by Cat-loveWolf-love412 Where does one end and the other begin? by afke11 Cubs at Play by MorkelErasmus CHEETAH by goldhamster Cheetah #12 by whitepandamedia Determined by Wolfling01 I Dream In Color by MistiqueStudio Cheetah by sabrinaenn  Run With The Wind by Anatoliba Cheetah by MO-ffie Cheetah's Anger by CatBeast17 Perspective by donaldsart Cheetah Cub Kill by MrStickman Snuggly Cheetahs by RMEdwards Cheetah by taubu-lion Just Between You And Me by Chikrata

Snow Leopards. Because they are the most awesomest of cats.

Chevron by LuxDani Snow Leopard Portait. Oil on panel by painterman33 Snow Leopard by Rhagrim Snow Queen by chridaika Snow leopard by Azany Snow Leopard by DanielleAmbrosia Lunchtime by ramdens Baby Snow Leopard (Watercolor and charcoal) by Abstractmusiq Snow Leopard Portrait G078 by sschukina Snow Leopard by sschukina Snow White (Leopard) by kelch12 ACEO Snow Leopard... by sschukina Snow Leopard by snapshot1989 Looking Back by Chikrata Yes? by Chikrata b r e a t h t a k i n g by A-jean Into Your Soul by Kittyoholic 'Ello, Kitteh by Lynafleder True Love by Chikrata Snow leopard by Leogon Snow Leopard by Alexanderlovegrove Sabu by Fuz-Caforio-Art The Ambush by josephinekazuki Cornered by astarvinartist Snow Leopard by kevmullins Himalayan Beauty by darkSoul4Life Snow Leopards by Lilian-art Snow Leopard by KrisVlad Snow Leopard by muse0107 Snow Leopard by ManiaAdun Flow into your Dreams by dawndelver The Hunter and her Prey by Kitsune-Seven Heritage by DawnstarW

Owls. Because they are the cats of the bird world.

Owl Optics by Calmality Burrowing Owl by WillemSvdMerwe Magic Owl by UkkiRainbow Barn Owl, February Sunrise by benke33 Home by Kuvari Autumn 6 by EdgedFeather Ethereal by LullabyEquineArt Owl by kovacsannabrigitta Fall Owl speed painting 1 1/2 hour PS by nosoart funny owl by Animal75Artist Coffee Owl by KateVigdis The Dirty Look by Jamie-MacArthur As the Snow Falls by CanadianRy Owl painting by gimgams End of Day by Brandonwood1000000 .:Ural Owl Couple:. by RHCheng Owly by LennartVerhoeff Shaman by Zaronen Hunting Great Gray by jdurbin flying owls by Animal75Artist Night Flight by Eddyfying Owl by LunarSpirit92 Little Owl by Jamie-MacArthur Sunlit Owl by Shadow-and-Flame-86 bengal eagle owl by netbandit The Owl by iassu Snowy Owl by lost-nomad07 Nyctea Scandiaca by emkaKl Snowy Owl Study by Misted-Dream snowy owl by Yair-Leibovich Tundra Hunter by ZairaArtGallery Mary's Owl by KateBelangerArts Owls of Canada by mikesblender

 Because dragons. In snow.

Snowy by Neboveria Nibiku by Allagar Snow storm by Allagar Commission: Extreme Conditions by Adalfyre Flight of the Night Fury by MoshYong Black and White by Khyaber At the peak. by Keltaan Aurora dragon by Zaronen Frost Dragon by pixelcharlie Snow Swoop by Luthrai Winter's Breath by aboveClouds

That's be the feature for today. Lest my page goes impossible to load XD
Have a nice summer.... if that's possible at all *melts away in cursed snowless heat*
  • Listening to: Snow Metal.... oops, I meant Black Metal
  • Reading: note sheets
  • Playing: guitars

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Lapis L'Azuri
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:headbang: METAL IS FOREVER !!! :headbang:

This is my music, the music of my life, no other sound could ever match it.
Metal is everything. My heart beats with its rhythm. Metal is my soul. Period.
Metal stamp by T-R-F :: Metal Stamp by ArticStock I Support Metal by Matzeline I Heart Metal by A-gRiM-FaTe Intense Metal-fan Stamp by deadlyMETAL Metal Ownage by morbidillusion666 Metal Stamp by applejackles heavy metal STAMP by peterdzign Metal is my soul stamp by lapis-lazuri Headbanging by cirruswolf Metal fan stamp by deviantStamps Heavy Metal Stamp by GilfordArt Heavy Metal Is Art Stamp by t3hsilentone Fuck calm and listen to Metal stamp by lapis-lazuri STAMP - Heavy Metal Love by ArsenicsamA In Metal I Trust Stamp by Cornebus METAL stamp by lapis-lazuri Evolution stamp by lapis-lazuri Black Metal stamp by wyldraven Black Metal Stamp by SirFilth by BlackMetal-Club Black Metal stamp by wolfenchanter Black Metal stamp by lapis-lazuri Metal and Satanism stamp by lapis-lazuri Fuck calm and listen to Black Metal stamp by lapis-lazuri

The music I enjoy includes, but is NOT limited to:
(Not listed in order of preference or discovery.)
Metallica Logo Stamp by AxelSilverwolf Testament stamp by lapis-lazuri Kreator stamp 4 by lapis-lazuri Pantera Stamp by sandwedge Megadeth by gigidelagaze Warbringer Stamp by transientsurreality Odd Crew stamp 2 by lapis-lazuri Trivium Stamp by WildTheory Iced Earth by old-mc-donald ..:: Death Stamp ::.. by frostmaster Meshuggah Stamp by Born-of-Wolves Kataklysm stamp by lapis-lazuri Arch Enemy Stamp by raimundogiffuni Children Of Bodom stamp by lapis-lazuri Kalmah by old-mc-donald Eternal Tears Of Sorrow stamp by lapis-lazuri Dark Tranquillity Stamp by Rhynn Insomnium by TortuousThrenody Aeternam stamp by lapis-lazuri Amon Amarth by black-cat16-stamps Amorphis stamp 2 by lapis-lazuri Dimmu Borgir by skinnyveestamp Immortal Stamp by Born-of-Wolves Gorgoroth Stamp by Aldaeld Behemoth Stamp by ScarsOfFreedom Satyricon by old-mc-donald Carpathian Forest stamp by lapis-lazuri Watain stamp by lapis-lazuri Dark funeral by old-mc-donald Netherbird Stamp by Sinister666beauty Ov Hell stamp by lapis-lazuri Old Man's Child stamp by lapis-lazuri Moonspell by old-mc-donald Dragonlord stamp by Gothraven666 Sirenia by skinnyveestamp Tristania by skinnyveestamp After Forever by skinnyveestamp Epica by skinnyveestamp Nightwish Stamp by ZeKRoBzS Therion by gigidelagaze Moonsorrow stamp by lapis-lazuri Finsterforst stamp by lapis-lazuri Ensiferum by AineMuirgheal Finntroll stamp by Sinister666beauty Turisas stamp by lapis-lazuri Blind Guardian stamp by lapis-lazuri Gamma Ray stamp by lapis-lazuri Helloween stamp by KelpyKrad Edguy stamp by lapis-lazuri Avantasia stamp by lapis-lazuri Demons and Wizards stamp 2 by lapis-lazuri Kamelot band stamp by hmryz Stratovarius stamp by lapis-lazuri Rhapsody of Fire 2 by skinnyveestamp DragonForce Stamp by IndustriousRage Manowar by old-mc-donald Sabaton stamp by lapis-lazuri Highland Glory 2 stamp by lapis-lazuri Saidian stamp by lapis-lazuri White Wizzard stamp by lapis-lazuri Iron Maiden Stamp by Voltage7625 Judas Priest by gigidelagaze Motorhead stamp by lapis-lazuri Dio Stamp by mori-the-bat black sabbath by krassrocks Deep Purple Stamp 1 by dA--bogeyman Uriah Heep stamp by lapis-lazuri Rainbow Rising Stamp by neon-knights Led Zeppelin Stamp by gangsterg Twisted Sister Stamp 10 by dA--bogeyman The Sweet Glam Rock Stamp 3 by dA--bogeyman Rammstein stamp by kurokimashin

(The list is constantly under construction.)

Rock music stamp by Tollerka I love music by fluffylink I Heart My Guitar by master-me I Love Guitars -Stamp- by Dark-Arya Guitar Lover stamp by lapis-lazuri While reading the lyrics... by alexskyline iPlay by 6v4MP1r36 Ibanez stamp by lapis-lazuri

Favourite quotes (free translation):
Nature isn't constrained by our lack of imagination.
Everything one can imagine exists somewhere, in some Universe.

Времето е в нас и ние сме във времето.


Moar stamps

Cuz you can never have enough of them.

Mature Content

Fuck Stamp by Voltaira
Bad example stamp by Daakukitsune Stamp - Support. by BowChickaBowWow dark and evil stamp by Magrad Stamp: I love the darkness by Esther-Sanz DarkneSS stamp by DeviantSith Awkward Stamp :3 by WolvenFlames i made you a stamp - black by neek-zique Imagination by NatakaChiSerene Fantasy is my Reality stamp by purgatori DA Stamp - Think 03 by tppgraphics Read it or Lose it by IaiaRose Read. by NatureNeverHurries Lightning Love Stamp by enigmatia storm by FediniSTAMPpage Stamp:  Thunderstorms by dictatorjess Evil Lightning by Roojii Stamp - Storms by Endless-Rainfall thunderstorm stamp by OmegaDreamSeeker11 Storm Stamp by soulshelter Rain Stamp by LumiResources I Love The Rain by Wearwolfaa Northern Lights by simplestamp Magic by Droneguard Looking At The Sky Stamp by cleopata I Dream of Flying by Marvealle .:Just a Dreamer by ginkgografix I Love Nature 2 by Wearwolfaa Support the Earth Stamp by luneves Earth by Skylark-93 Moonlit Night Stamp by Seiorai I Love The Night by TheLoveTrain Stargazer Stamp by PixieDust01 Milky way by Claire-stamps Outer Space by Mellow-Stamps Sirius Stamp by PsychoMonkeyShogun Wolfshade by skinnyveestamp Loner stamp by wyldraven Dragon Fanatic by skinnyveestamp Dragon Love by skinnyveestamp Whitby Wyrm by skinnyveestamp Proud Dragon by Karsun Fire by skinnyveestamp Demons by skinnyveestamp Powered By Evil by dxd Dark Side Stamp by lovelyfantasy Inner Demons by Shimaira Demons Stamp by kageru-hinoryu Chaos by MephistoFFF burn your local church by MephistoFFF Simple Sigil by skinnyveestamp NOT A SLAVE stamp by samekh-mem -JOS-Baphomet-stamp- by SVEM Baphomet 2 by skinnyveestamp Opposed to Gloominess by Vovina-de-Micaloz Contrary to popular belief... by Vovina-de-Micaloz Hail Satan Stamp by LingLing927

There is no god but myself.
-Lucifer-stamp- by SVEM

Think outside the box - Stamp by JWiesner


No facebook stamp by ARTic-Weather
I have no facebook.
Deal with it.

Also, don't thank me for the favs and/or llamas.
I use them to encourage people, so just enjoy them and keep up the good work.

thank you in advance by Metal-Goddess

Lately I've been translating some of my stories to English. Is anyone interested in reading? 

13 deviants said Yes, definitely!
3 deviants said Depends on the genre. (Comment with your favourite?)
3 deviants said Perhaps, if they aren't too long.
No deviants said Not really.


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