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Yesterday was December 4th which means that today is December 5th. A day like any other. Yesterday was just another day like any other except for that some time ago some people decided to give it the imposing appellation "International Cheetah Day". I have decided to use the occasion for my own purposes and share a little view of mine with those of you who care to read my long contemplations.

Generally, I dislike this whole "Day-thing" fashion. Day of the Cheetah, Day of the Earth, Day against tobacco smoke, Day against AIDS, Day of the toilets (yes, Hell, there IS one, twas just a few weeks ago), Day of who-the-f*ck-knows-what. Yes, I'm a hater. But here's why.
First, obviously, because the idea is being brutally overused. I mean, whoever invented the International Day of the Toilets must be a genius because I for one would have never come up with that ever, but in the end of the day this stunning "Day invention" only shows that nowadays we have a special Day for just an amazing number of unimaginable things. Which seems good at first, everything needs support, even toilets, but then.... I can't help but imagine how we'll eventually end up with having a Day for literally everything, every single day will be a Day-of-something and as a result this will simply depreciate the whole concept, all these Days will turn back into something trivial and no one will pay attention anymore to any of them. Even to the really important ones (which ones are really important is disputable, but I'll skip that).
But let's say I'm wrong about that.

The second reason is yet far more important.

Take the coming holidays.
In my country there is some charity tradition for the last several years (yeah, just several years, but heed how pompous the word "tradition" only sounds) - people start raising funds for supporting children hospitals.... or something. This happens twice a year - around xmas and around easter. Nice. Even spectacular. But guess what, it's


Do you really think that two little charity campaigns a year make that much of a difference? Yeah, sure, they buy some new equipment for 2-3 hospitals every year, they save the life of a few children every year.... what about the rest, whom that money is not enough to save? The people, since they have donated, they feel like they've done something awfully good (which is true, indeed, they have), they go to bed satisfied and happy and celebrate their little holidays, and believe they have delivered the children from their woes forever and granted them a beautiful life. Beautiful delusion to calm ourselves. What about after the holidays, when the children will go on fighting their diseases alone and will go on dying? Nobody will even think about them then.

What about the cheetahs? It's just the same thing.

Yesterday was the Cheetah Day and I saw a lot of people (including me) publishing cheetah-related art. Which is awesome, truly, I'm so glad you and I did it, and it was an occasion for the world to see a lot more cheetah beauty, glory and magnificence on these pages. How about today? How about tomorrow? Won't we forget about the struggling-for-survival cheetahs again?

Let me get this straight - I am not trying to cheapen what we all do, because what we do, no matter how small it is, is very important still. I'm not saying the people who donate are posers who only care about the children on holidays. Most of us really DO care all along, but entangled in our own everyday life, problems, dramas, whatever, etc., most of us also truly forget. I know I did after last year's Cheetah Day, at least until some vigilant figures in the Animal-related dA groups posted their journals to remind me December 4th was coming.
Actually this is inevitable and even understandable, none of us can constantly think about all those creatures and people whose plight we're trying to alleviate at those few special Days. It's not necessary either.
However, these problems which we celebrate on Days do not only last a Day, nor can be solved within one. Still, seems like we enjoy believing that one Day is enough. THIS is the real problem and the true reason why I hate the Day thing.

So, here's what I'm saying. This world would have been a better place if we would only remember the problems hanging over it from time to time. Because if we do remember them, some of them will find their solutions gradually. This is the actual function of the Days. That's the function of the Cheetah Day as well - not to celebrate the cheetah, draw them portraits, or watch on the CNN news or NG Wild about them, or write on facebook how beautiful they are and how much we care. The Cheetah Day is there to remind us that they are in plight. Sadly, we have forgotten this simple truth. And this is why one Day is simply not enough.

Don't get me wrong - this is not only about cheetahs. This is about just everything else which has its Day (except for the toilets, because we simply CAN'T forget about them). Because all of these - the cheetahs, the children, the people with AIDS, the Earth - they are all causes which we fight for.

And so.... today is December 5th. It's officially the International Nothing Day.
Which means - feel free to support any cause you want.
But do remember to do so throughout the year - no matter if it's the cheetahs, the ailing children, the orphans or anything else you care about. What you'll support is totally up to you.

Just remember that your cause needs your support Every Day of the Year.

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Since winter has come and I support winter and snow, as well as good artists, some moar snow-themed features for some of my favourite but underrated artists:
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Happy New Year everyone.

It's a bit too early, but since I write once a year, this will have to do.

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This is my music, the music of my life, no other sound could ever match it.
Metal is everything. My heart beats with its rhythm. Metal is my soul. Period.
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The music I enjoy includes, but is NOT limited to:
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(The list is constantly under construction.)

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Favourite quotes (free translation):
Nature isn't constrained by our lack of imagination.
Everything one can imagine exists somewhere, in some Universe.

Времето е в нас и ние сме във времето.


Moar about me.... in stamps

Cuz you can never have enough of them.
Fuck Stamp by Voltaira Bad example stamp by Daakukitsune Stamp - Support. by BowChickaBowWow dark and evil stamp by Magrad Stamp: I love the darkness by Esther-Sanz DarkneSS stamp by DeviantSith Awkward Stamp :3 by WolvenFlames i made you a stamp - black by neek-zique Imagination by NatakaChiSerene Fantasy is my Reality stamp by purgatori DA Stamp - Think 03 by tppgraphics Read it or Lose it by IaiaRose Read. by NatureNeverHurries Lightning Love Stamp by enigmatia storm by FediniSTAMPpage Stamp:  Thunderstorms by dictatorjess Evil Lightning by Roojii Stamp - Storms by Endless-Mittens thunderstorm stamp by OmegaDreamSeeker11 Storm Stamp by soulshelter Rain Stamp by LumiResources I Love The Rain by Wearwolfaa Northern Lights by simplestamp Magic by Droneguard Looking At The Sky Stamp by cleopata I Dream of Flying by Marvealle .:Just a Dreamer by ginkgografix I Love Nature 2 by Wearwolfaa Support the Earth Stamp by luneves Earth by Skylark-93 Moonlit Night Stamp by Seiorai I Love The Night by TheLoveTrain Stargazer Stamp by PixieDust01 Milky way by Claire-stamps Outer Space by Mellow-Stamps Sirius Stamp by PsychoMonkeyShogun Wolfshade by skinnyveestamp Loner stamp by wyldraven Dragon Fanatic by skinnyveestamp Dragon Love by skinnyveestamp Whitby Wyrm by skinnyveestamp Proud Dragon by Karsun Fire by skinnyveestamp Demons by skinnyveestamp Powered By Evil by dxd Dark Side Stamp by lovelyfantasy Inner Demons by Shimaira Demons Stamp by kageru-hinoryu Chaos by MephistoFFF burn your local church by MephistoFFF Simple Sigil by skinnyveestamp NOT A SLAVE stamp by samekh-mem -JOS-Baphomet-stamp- by SVEM Baphomet 2 by skinnyveestamp Opposed to Gloominess by Vovina-de-Micaloz Contrary to popular belief... by Vovina-de-Micaloz Hail Satan Stamp by LingLing927

There is no god but myself.
-Lucifer-stamp- by SVEM

Open Minded Stamp by anastasia-black Think outside the box - Stamp by JWiesner


No facebook stamp by ARTic-Weather
I have no facebook.
Deal with it.

Also, don't thank me for the favs and/or llamas.
I use them to encourage people, so just enjoy them and keep up the good work.

thank you in advance by Metal-Goddess


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